Got an email from Darlene Bibby, who has a lovely Zibu filly with the Airthrey prefix, having been bred by Linda Moughan.
"Oakley is such a sweetie and I am just starting to do a bit with her now seeing on how she has only just turned 3. She is lunging walk, trot and canter wearing a surcingle and boots all round. She has a bit in her mouth, but with nothing attached as I lunge off a cavesson. Getting used to hosing, wearing a cover, and those sorts of things. She is forward but very sensible, quiet, self-confident and bold. Might make a good eventer with those qualities. I'm rather keen to give the young event horse competitions a try. She is capable of a big over-tracking walk, has a lovely balanced canter and is a very straight mover. My arena was not able to be used last winter and if I don't have a new one or that one fixed I may just wait until spring to get her going under saddle. I think she is a tad over 16h now and will probably go 16.1 before she is done."


Gitana is now back in work and going well, Rachel sent me an up-date.
"Erin Jillings bought Gitana back in to work. When she started at Erin's he said she was incredibly willing and had a really good attitude towards working and apparently that did not change the entire time she was with him.
Anyway, we went up to Rongotea to collect her (she had a glowing report from Erin who has high expectations) and Natasha came with me and rode her up there. She was lovely. Very calm, beautiful paces and Natasha said she felt sooooo comfortable. So, onwards and upwards from here. My gut feeling is she's going to be really good. there's just something about her, and it's quite exciting to start her training."


I'd heard through the grape vine that someone had had a fall off Autumn, so contacted Andrea to find out if all was fine.
Andrea replied "Autumn has been fantastic, no hijinks although Brian did have a fall off her but nothing that Autumn did wrong. It was bareback and he was going over a ditch. (Brian has only recently started to ride). She's easy to do anything with although very focused on eating and very much Brian's horse as she likes hanging out with him.
I would like to breed from her so Brian or I have a replacement riding horse in years to come (as her temperament is awesome as is her overall hardiness and build), maybe next breeding season or the one after, was wondering what would cross well - would like something refining but keeping about the same height.
Plan at the moment is for Brian to get some practise up, so he can do a clinic and a few lessons. We have the key to the forestry now so will go on some treks, plus have a completely empty sub-division next door to ride through (no cars!). Next summer I plan to take both horses to a few shows, some flat classes and SJ/SH.


Quote is going well - he is growing into a beautiful boy, he is very cheeky (in a good way!) and so well behaved - he now lunges with bridle, saddle, side-reins and tendon boots on, loves the trotting poles and thinks he is such a dude!
Every step of the introduction to 'gear' has been met with total acceptance - as long as he has been allowed to eat while getting used to anything new everything is fine! He is a really good doer and runs on the smell of an oily rag! I think he will be under saddle in the next few weeks with the way things are going, such a cruiser.
Will try to organize to take some shots for you - he is now a lovely dappled brown around his shoulder and flank area with a brown muzzle as well, someone said he looked like a 'dirty dun' the other day which I thought was hilarious! Wears a rug at nite (which goes on in the dark with no headcollar or rope etc) and runs around naked during the day as it has been so humid up here!
Has a paddock ball to entertain himself - but has more fun trying to kill his feed bin if it ever gets left out with him overnight, crazy boy!!!


Hi Liz,
Just letting you know that Zander (Chrialka Stonehaven) won his Pre-training ODE last weekend at Papatoetoe. He won the dressage and went double clear.
Such a star, everyone comments on how quiet and well behaved he is and they nearly drop dead when I tell them he is only 4.
Thats it for the season for him. I will update you later in the year, I hope to have him ready for training horse trials in the spring.
P.S. I love the look of the other horse on your web site, ridden by Caroline Hanson. True Blue, I think that was the horses name. What a lovely animal.


Just thought I would let you know what happened in the weekend (and I have photos!!)
My daughters TB played up merry hell on Saturday at a show ie rearing, doing that funny rear and buck that they like to do really to embarrass you and so she decided at 4pm on Saturday to take ZB to a dressage day over in Nelson (with the Pony Club) bearing in mind that ZB has only been ridden once since I have been back from overseas. (4 weeks ago)
At 5am the morning, walked straight into a dark float without a twitch of an ear, and we were down the driveway. 3 hours to Marshwood park unloaded like an old pro, daughter lead him around, saddled up and joined in a group of kids warming up with their ponies. Not one hissy fit,just calm as if he was an old pro at this. The head instructor gave her a quick lesson on him and away he went to do 1.5 prelim and 2.3 novice dressage tests. Now, he only got 50% in the classes more because he was so lazy and my daughter didnít carry a whip with him to give him a hurry along (nor did she collect him). First time around the arena, snorted at the judges car, round the second time not even a flick of ear, and trotted into the arena like an old pro. Walked out, waited for the rest of the team and wandered around on a loose rein. Bar all the lovely comments about him, ie wow, look at the stunnerÖ no one could believe how young he was. He responded to the aids quickly. Now I am quite guilty for not feeding him as he has had so much grass he looks like he is about to pop and his coat has a lovely shine to it. He doesnít seem to heat up on lush grass. No one could believe that he hasnít been ridden and no one could believe that a 4 year old could be so calm in a different environment let alone somewhere where little pony club kids are hooning around etc etc. We could even leave him tied to the float and wander off without him calling out for us or trying to pull away. I am just amazed!!
His temperament is amazing and it really showed. I am glad that I looked at your website and found him. I must admit, I did have my doubts about buying something so young. Anyway, my instructor isn't available until December as she is going to the World Dressage Champs so cant wait until the Winter series down here to get him out and about.


Liz and family
Just a quick note to say that Placet is happy to be home again.
I have ridden her every day since she has been home and she has been perfect! In fact if a lot of older horses behaved as well as she has done a lot of riders would be well pleased. I have yet to ride her out on her own (but I think she will be fine) but so far she has been out with four other horses and then just with one other with no problems. She has been in the tide, up and down hills, both in the front and the rear of the group - perfectly happy either way at walk, trot and canter.. Everybody is VERY impressed. Lets hope she stays with this attitude.
Will keep in touch.


Hi there,
Blue's first outing was a success - he coped well with work in area, although thought that the grey horses were going to savage him - bays and chestnuts were OK.
Our entry was a bit hairy as he clipped the pipe arena with a back foot as we entered at A which gave him a fright so we cantered gaily down the centre line till I managed to bring him back to trot just before C! but he tried really hard and did some movements really well for a 4th place out of 16 horses with a score of 60% VERY proud of him! He is competing as Chrialka True Blue
Cheers Carolyn


Hi there,
It is Leigh Taylor here....just wanted to thank you for bringing Zibu to the showhunter day yesterday...he is a great jumper and with this kind of mileage will learn to travel quietly and straight down his lines. He is a true gentleman and his abilities seem limitless.
All the best in the season to you and Zibu.
Kind Regards, Leigh


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